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The YSGHubs Hublets

The YSG Hublet is a physical outlet of YSGHubs where you can pick up items bought on the YSGHubs app. These hublets can be found in major academic institutions across Nigeria. Other services the hublets provide include the following:
1. Buy the YSGHubs Scratch Cards & YSG Travel Cards from the Hublets located at various tertiary institutions
2. 3-sided Advert slots: You can promote your business on the YSGHubs advert slots.
3. Interact, get direct Customer Care and other information from our Hublet personnel.
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The Y Uni tablet

The YSGHubs tablet also known as the Y Uni tab enables you enjoy your music, watch movies, read ebooks and do lots lots more on the go. It is powered by android operating system and the YSGHubs app pre-installed in the tab. The YSG Uni Tablet offers the complete features of a tablet device. Read more >

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Buy YSGHubs Scratch Cards

You can buy the scratch cards here using your Credit / Debit cards. The card PINs will be delivered to your e-mail and also by SMS.

You can use these purchased Scratch card PINs in our applications Desktop, Android, and Black Berry, to buy Music, e-Books, Movies, TV Shows, Events and Lifestyle, you can also rent Movies.

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